Some videos by James McAllen

 Creating Competitions in Notauscore

 Adding and Removing Flights for an Already Created Competition

 Deleting Competitions in NotauScore

 Generating Audio Files for a New Schedule

 Update Software in your Notaumatic V2

 Next Comp feature

 USG (Unknown Schedule Generator)

Work In Progress

NotauScore is a free software designed to handle all kinds of model aircraft competitions (F2B, F3A, F3P, F3M, F3S, etc ...)

It integrates the management of Notaumatics for entering notes, but it can however be used for manual entry.
NotauScore is intended to work on an Apache server of type XAMPP, LAMP, Raspbian, etc ...
Everything is planned to facilitate installation and updates for users: disk images are available for download (see downloads page).


Link to the NotauScore Manual

Some screenshots :

Results & Scores